installation of ceramic tiles

Innovative system for perfect installation of ceramic tiles.
Guarantee of uniform surface

Tools for fitting

panel flooring

Tools for professionalists
and DIY lovers


How to avoid faults when laying tiles, what we must remember about.

The first problem: there are no equal tiles.  Even the rectified ones have a tolerance of 0,2 mm, i.e. the difference in tiles may be up to 1 mm.  In order to cheat our sight we must change gap width in such a way that after laying the tiles seem to be identical.

The second problem: to lay tiles flat – like a mirror.  Apply adhesive with a notched trowel and lay a tile. It is difficult to align all sides so that none falls in.  And we are quite helpless when the adhesive does not equally tie and pulls the tiles on the corners.

Tile leveling system was invented to facilitate tile laying  It is a milestone in fitting technique.

Speed and preision are guaranteed.

A clip is a cross which after tensioning with a wedge equalizes tiles. 

It is that much and as much!


By decision of the international jury of the Stanisław Staszic competition
for the best innovative products ""Laurel innovation 2015"
organized by the Federation of technical and scientific associations NOT
MMT Małgorzata Tasiemska company
was awarded with
Brown Innovation Laurel 2015 
for the project:

 "Quick Level”
System of expansion determining system and leveling of ceramic tiles.



How to use



Advantages of using QUICK LEVEL

  • Does not require any training, easy to learn
  • Eliminates inequalities between tiles
  • Prohibits shifts of tiles during installation
  • Discs are reusable.
  • May be used with tiles of various thicknesses.
  • Very easy installation and its dismantling still easurer.
  • Makes the work quicker, once the tiles are laid there is no need to control them


Kalkulator systemu Quick Level

Wybierz płytkę

Training ground



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Promotional video

Siehe QUICK LEVEL im Betrieb

Installation step by step

Quick Level in Dubai


Laur Innowacyjności 2015


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